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Popular Flasks

  • Bigfootin'


    Limited Edition
    All these years later, still livin' large off Harry and the Hendersons residuals.
  • Cretaceous Park

    Cretaceous Park

    "Sorry, you're breaking up...and there's some enormous, terrifying quadruped coming toward me. Call you back."
  • Ink Inc.

    Ink Inc.

    "What will they look like when I'm 80? We'll cross that bridge when we get there, dear."
  • The Thinker

    The Thinker

    This is your brain on a flask. Literally, we mean. We’re being totally straight with you here.

Featured Flasks

  • All Roads

    Google’s latest innovation: as the liquid level in the flask lowers, your route is slowly revealed to you.
  • Scatterbrain

    Limited Edition
    "Hold on just a second; I seem to have lost my train of thought."
  • Viewniverse

    Dirt, check. Leaves, check. Water, check. Clouds, check. It's the universe, all right.
  • Future Shock

    We miss test patterns. Does anyone else miss test patterns?
  • Flight Pattern

    Instead of spending hours fumbling through the cold, damp woods, just sit on the porch and watch this between sips.
  • Spockmarked

    "Bones, I'm going to have to call in a favor from you on this one."
  • Permanent Inscription

    "I don't know...I just can't get these thoughts out of my head."
  • Old Glory

    These colors don't run...though they might look like it after you've had a couple.
  • Beethoven’s Fifth

    Limited Edition
    Be careful — liquor of any sort is hellishly sticky between your piano keys.
  • Private ’Stache

    Good news! The contents of your flask can, in a pinch, be used in place of mustache wax for all your sculpting needs.
  • Tat’s All, Folks

    Coming Soon
    “This one I got when I crossed the equator. This is my probation officer. This one was done in Tijuana. This one…”
  • Moon Shot

    Limited Edition
    "That's one small sip for man, one giant cocktail for mankind."