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  • Till Death Do Us Part

    “I’ve heard of making a girl wait a while before marriage, dear, but this is ridiculous.”
  • The Mask Makes the Man

    “What do you mean? You said it was Casual Friday, for God’s sake.”
  • Out of stock

    Is Eight Enough?

    Regular Price: $240.00

    Special Price: $96.00

    Just think how many flasks humans could hold with this many arms. Damn you, natural selection!
  • Ship’s Mate

    If only those boastful cretins who built the Titanic had thought of this!
  • Stag Party

    “I bought this flask just for you, my deer,” said a man whose wife then hit him with a shovel.
  • Be Kind, Rewind

    The fact that the hissy, garbled mixtape was once a totem of romantic affection underscores how difficult life used to be.
  • Desert Delight

    "What, these? Lee Press-Ons. Pretty, huh?"
  • Trooper Duper

    The helmet goes on just fine; it's the corset that's the real killer.
  • Dressed to Kill

    What the Troopers break out every time a new emperor is crowned.
  • Spockmarked

    "Bones, I'm going to have to call in a favor from you on this one."
  • Brace Yourself

    The Rolling Stones' first logo, 1963.
  • Moon Shot

    Limited Edition
    "That's one small sip for man, one giant cocktail for mankind."
  • Finely Grained

    Regular Price: $120.00

    Special Price: $48.00

    Discounted Price
    Will be a wonderful accessory in that evil-Bond-villain lair you’re building out back.
  • Evening Shade

    What's nice is that the message stays the same even if it's 2 a.m.
  • Badge of Courage

    This particular shade is called “Seedy Bordello.” Makes a great graduation gift!
  • Old Glory

    These colors don't run...though they might look like it after you've had a couple.



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