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Popular Flasks

  • Owl’s Perch

    Owl’s Perch

    Antiqued Finish
    The owl reminds you that this is the flask you use at night. For daytime flasking, get one with an office cubicle on it.
  • Ink Inc.

    Ink Inc.

    "What will they look like when I'm 80? We'll cross that bridge when we get there, dear."
  • Piece de Resistance

    Piece de Resistance

    Limited Edition
    Relationships, in a nutshell.
  • Moon Shot

    Moon Shot

    Limited Edition
    "That's one small sip for man, one giant cocktail for mankind."

Featured Flasks

  • Future Shock

    We miss test patterns. Does anyone else miss test patterns?
  • Finely Grained

    100% Wood
    Will be a wonderful accessory in that evil-Bond-villain lair you’re building out back.
  • Most Likely to Succeed

    Neurosurgeons and physicists are all well and good, but ending up on the side of a flask is the real accomplishment in life.
  • Jacked Up

    Flask Britannia.
  • Going Incognito

    “I say, dear boy, pull up those jeans, comb your hair, remove that disk from your earlobe and have a sip. Better, no?”
  • Tale of the Tape

    If you can remember re-spooling these things with a No. 2 pencil, you...are likely pushing 40.
  • Full of Hot Air

    "I think that's Pennsylvania down there. No, wait, Transylvania. What continent are we over, again?"
  • Badge of Courage

    This particular shade is called “Seedy Bordello.” Makes a great graduation gift!
  • Beethoven’s Fifth

    Limited Edition

    10 of 20 remain

    Be careful — liquor of any sort is hellishly sticky between your piano keys.
  • Old Glory

    These colors don't run...though they might look like it after you've had a couple.
  • Tanned, Rested, Ready

    Exudes a certain manila-folder quality that makes it perfect for your lower-right desk drawer at the office.
  • Scatterbrain

    Limited Edition
    "Hold on just a second; I seem to have lost my train of thought."