Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping & Checkout

Shipping & Tracking

  • Can you ship orders outside of the United States?

    We currently ship only to the 50 United States; however, we may be able to accommodate special requests. If you'd like us to ship to a location outside the U.S., please contact us here or at with your request, and we'll let you know if we'll be able to do it.
  • How do you ship? Rocket ship?

    Rocket ship is our preferred method, but until ours is fully operational, we ship all orders Priority via the United States Postal Service. Sometimes classic is best.
  • How much is shipping?

    USPS Priority Mail shipping is $2.95 on all orders whether you order just one flask or a whole pile of them (the mark of a serious professional). Want it faster? Now you're talking! Overnight shipping via USPS Priority Mail Express starts at $49.95 and varies depending on your order size; you'll see the rate clearly marked well before you check out.
  • From where do your orders ship?

    Our orders ship right from the source: the artists who make them.

    That means they could ship from anywhere our artists live.
    (And doesn’t that feel magically mysterious?)
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive? I could use a sip right now.

    All of our flasks are handcrafted with love. And love takes time. Still, we ship ‘em as quick as we make ‘em, which is usually within 3 business days for most and 5 business days for custom and limited-edition flasks. Please know that items purchased using a faster shipping method will not ship sooner, they will just ship via a faster method, so they will arrive more quickly after shipment.
  • How do I check the status of my order?

    We’ll always keep you informed via email with order and shipment updates. If you have an account with us, you can also stay updated any time by signing in to your account using the My Account link at the top of each page.
  • Some products I ordered were not in the same box. Are they coming separately?

    You’re absolutely correct. (You coulda written these FAQ’s!)

    Our artists have workshops all over tarnation, so when you order multiple flasks, they could ship separately and from multiple places.

Returns & Exchanges

  • What is your return policy?

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase from, you may return it to us for a refund or exchange. Contact us here or at with your order number and the issue, and we’ll get back to you to initiate the return process. Returns are accepted up to 30 days after original purchase. Please note that returned goods must be unused, in the condition you received them, and in their original packaging. Any items that are customized, personalized, or from our limited-edition collection are not eligible for return.

Product Info & Care

  • Where are your flasks made?

    Lie: like Cabbage Patch Kids, our flasks are all grown in a magic garden until they are named, adopted, and given a good home.

    Truth: while our flask artists are scattered across the U.S., one thing remains consistent: each takes a plain flask and clothes it in art to give it a good home in your pocket, purse, or man purse.
  • Will your flasks finally bring world peace? Or will that cost extra?

    While only time will tell, we’re hopeful. It is, after all, very difficult to wield weapons with fistfuls of flasks.
  • How do I clean and take care of my flask?

    Respect your flask and it’ll respect you back for years. Always give it a thorough rinse before using (water only) and finish strong by tossing back the contents before bedtime. It’s a flask, not a storage facility. To preserve the design on the flask face, wipe the outside only when necessary and then only with a cloth fit for a baby.
  • What are your flasks comprised of?

    Unless otherwise noted, our flasks are all made of stainless steel and clothed in peerless art.

Flasking Around

  • What the heck is “flasking” exactly?

    Now that is THE question, isn’t it? "Flasking" isn't just an act — it's an attitude. It's about celebration, the enjoyment of good friends, and making the most of every moment, from the majestic to the mundane.
  • Who’s behind

    Behind every great flask is a great flaskin’ crew. We call ours The Flasking Krew (sometimes obvious is best) or TFK for short.

    TFK is a group of artists, designers, thinkers, and doers who’ve come together to share the joy of flasking.

    Join us. Read on. Or flask on.
  • Can you sponsor my softball, bowling, or math team?

    Hey, we sell a flask that has Pee Wee Herman parachuting from an airplane, so we’re pretty much open to anything. We’re not making any promises, but if you’ve got an idea or request, swat it our way here or at We’ll see what we can do.

Other Stuff

  • Can I win a flask by defeating you in a game of Roshambo?

    The practice of Roshambo-ing for flasks has now been outlawed in most states. (The public health danger was simply too high.) Still, we plan on announcing flask contests in the future, so winning could be in your cards after all. If you’d like to stay tuned for that and other exciting news sign up for our newsletter here.
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