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What is a hip flask? Hip flasks used to be very popular especially the stainless steel hip flask, but they have lost some of their status over the decades but the cool factor in hip flasks is coming back around. Though men and women can carry a hip flask, men generally use them. A silver hip flask is a small steel container normally used for hiding and carrying whiskey. It is tiny enough to fit in a jean pocket without being seen and you can take a swig whenever you like. Conventionally, a metal or leather hip flask was produced out of pewter, silver, or glass; though, contemporary flasks manage to be made from stainless steel or even plastic. A hip flask is usually shaped to more instinctively fit in the pocket against your hip or thigh and that is why we call it a hip flask.

You can find them in diverse shapes and sizes, but they typically come in 6 or 8 ounces. We carry various types and styles of the best hip flasks on the planet. Vintage hip flasks make a great gift for the history buffs and if it happens to be a recreation vintage flask feel free to have you hip flask personalized with engraving. Some of the antique flasks we suggest you do no use them and just keep them for decorative pieces. Stainless steel hip flasks are the most current and modern style of hip flask. These steel hip flasks are perfect for engraving. Leather hip flasks come in several different styles, usually the inside is steel and the outside is wrapped in leather from black leather flasks to brown leather hip flasks to tan leather hip flasks, we carry various styles for men and women.

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