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Hidden Secret Flasks For Sneaking Alcohol Into A Concert

Cell Phone and Tampon Flasks

Paragraph Content Can I bring a Flask to a Concert? Carrying a flask into a concert is a complete way to save on the overpriced cost of drinks, as well as to add more excitement and interest to the concert, as well as providing you a far more drunken state of mind. If you contemplate about it, a rock concert flask is perhaps one of the most harmless items that concert security could find in your pocket at most concerts compared to guns, weapons, drugs or cocaine. The concert and music festival flask designs are becoming so cool from the binocular flasks to the cell phone flasks to the tampon flasks; just the ways to sneak alcohol into concerts and music festivals like Coachella or EDC are becoming so darn creative.

Most of these secret hidden flasks are plastic based flasks. Some concerts and venues do allow you to bring your own alcohol and in these situations you do not need a secret concert flask but more of a nice stylish concert flask that represents you and maybe even having the concert flask engraved or monogrammed. Please do no put beer in your flask as it is undoubtedly not a good decision for a standard eight ounce concert flask, plus your friends will laugh at you. A concert flask deserves any hard liquor and if it is being used at a rock concert, you should make it a whiskey flask. Okay please remember concert flask etiquette in which you offer flask swigs to your fellow concertgoers.

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