Certain people influence you so much personally, that you can't help but thank them publicly. The following folks have been that for me. While you may never meet them, their touch is in everything I've done here and everything I'll do in the future.

To these five:
No word, nor web page, nor toast could truly express my appreciation, but putting you here is a start.


  • Mom & Dad

    So immeasurable is your support that I couldn't fully grasp it before going through this process. But looking back on the years, I see it. You softly and lovingly cheered my wild ideas. You allowed me to fail and you encouraged me to rise. Your love provided the safe space in which to risk and the energy to succeed. Where these words fall short, let my love for you pick up the slack. Thank you.

  • Elliot

    To you, it was just a free desk in your office. To me, it was a priceless laboratory for my dreams. You gave me the space to create this business, and you showed me a kindness I'll recreate for others. Your heart is as soft as your mind is sharp, and that's a rare and world-changing combination. Thank you.

  • Forrest

    This journey started with you, me, and one crazy product idea, but our work hatched something even bigger: this business. You amaze me with your thoughtfulness, creativity, and tremendous integrity, and I look forward to where our further adventures lead — both in friendship and in business. Thank you.

  • Joe

    Thanks to your constant reassurance and expert advice, creating a business on my own never felt "on my own." I came to you with all sorts of questions, and you made time for every answer — patiently and with care. Your enthusiasm for this business fueled me on days when I needed fuel, getting me to where I am today. And look at where that is! Thank you.

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